Ahead of Governor’s announcement, conservatives call for bold leadership on clean energy

Conservatives hail opportunity to grow economy, create jobs

LANSING – Conservative leaders from across the state hailed Gov. Rick Snyder’s special message on energy as a huge opportunity for Michigan to create new jobs, spark investment and rein in rising energy costs.

“Gov. Snyder has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to turn conservative principles into energy policy that creates jobs, sparks new businesses and saves Michigan families and businesses money,” said Larry Ward, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MCEF). “We urge Snyder to reclaim the energy debate from The Left, show bold leadership and lay out clear and measureable goals to build upon the success of our thriving clean energy sector.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Snyder will deliver a special message on energy this Friday.

Recent studies by The Hill Group, Inc. found tremendous opportunity to spur economic growth and support Michigan jobs by increasing our use of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Key findings include:

  • Implementing a 20% renewable energy standard by 2025 could have a $6 billion impact, with 40,000 jobs supported.
  • Removing the cap on the energy optimization program could create $22 billion in economic output and support 163,000 jobs.

“Conservatives are leading the charge to control energy costs while expanding our energy resources to include even more clean, renewable energy like solar, wind, hydro and more,” said Ed Rivet, member of the MCEF Leadership Council. “Gov. Snyder can seize this pivotal moment to lead with a conservative, yet forward-thinking approach to energy policy and promote our legacy of conservation.”

“We applaud Governor Snyder and legislative leaders for leading on energy policy which is founded on conservative values like fiscal conservatism, strong national security and family values,” said Keith den Hollander, chairman of the Christian Coalition of Michigan. “Republicans must seize this moment to grow our economy, create jobs and secure a cleaner, energy future for our children and grandchildren.”