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We are a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes energy innovation and greater access to clean, affordable and reliable energy. We advocate for clean energy based on conservative principles – meaning common sense, market-based solutions that allow fair competition and a level playing field. We believe free markets are the key to continued innovation and technological advancements in energy production, distribution, storage and efficiency. We know that the job creation and economic growth sparked by a diversified, clean energy policy don’t have to come at the expense of our environment. We are committed to bridging partisan differences on energy issues, paving the way for Michigan to be a national clean energy leader.


Energy News

The 2019 Clean Jobs Midwest report shows that Michigan added 4,800 clean energy jobs last year and another 9% growth is expected in 2019. We are now ranked fifth in the nation for number of clean energy jobs and first in the Midwest!

Lake Erie may soon become home to the largest offshore wind farm in North America, creating enough clean energy to power 7,000 homes and providing habitat for fish. 

DTE Energy's latest rate proposal would penalize rooftop solar customers by adding a $12 to $16 monthly fee to their bill and cutting the rate they receive for excess energy by nearly 70%. These changes would crush the residential solar industry in Michigan. You can help save solar by sending a letter to the MPSC telling them to protect residential solar and reject DTE Energy's latest proposal. 


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