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We are a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes energy innovation and greater access to clean, affordable and reliable energy. We advocate for clean energy based on conservative principles – meaning common sense, market-based solutions that allow fair competition and a level playing field. We believe free markets are the key to continued innovation and technological advancements in energy production, distribution, storage and efficiency. We know that the job creation and economic growth sparked by a diversified, clean energy policy don’t have to come at the expense of our environment. We are committed to bridging partisan differences on energy issues, paving the way for Michigan to be a national clean energy leader.


Energy News

Construction on Michigan's largest solar farm is underway, bringing more than 300 jobs to Shiawassee County.

Administrative Law Judge Sally Wallace finds major flaws with DTE Energy's integrated resource plan and recommends that the Michigan Public Service Commission require significant revisions.

These tiny model homes are teaching big concepts in building weatherization.

Michigan utilities are preparing for more electric vehicles to hit the road! Traverse City will soon have the first DC fast charging station north of Grand Rapids and the plans to build out charging networks across the state don't stop there.

Republicans must lead with energy policies that are affordable, include an 'all of the above' approach to energy generation, and don't stifle innovation with overburdensome regulations.

Two new solar farms in Sheridan Township will bring new jobs to the area and help fix the roads by creating hundreds of millions of dollars in taxable value.

Want to keep up with energy policies being considered at the federal level? Check out this Congressional Policy Tracker and stay up to date on bills covering everything from carbon capture, to energy efficiency, to grid security and more!

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