Community Solar Bill Increases Access to Economic Benefits of Clean Energy

MICEF Commends Introduction of Rep. Michele Hoitenga’s House Bill 4995

LANSING, Mich. (September 20, 2019)Ed Rivet, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MICEF) issued the following statement in support of House Bill 4995, legislation introduced yesterday by State Representative Michele Hoitenga (R-Manton). The bill outlines parameters for jointly-owned solar energy systems, commonly called “community solar” projects.

“Clean, renewable energy coming from distributed sources like community solar projects is the future of energy generation,” said Rivet. “This bipartisan legislation will enable individuals, businesses and other groups to invest in solar generation systems to meet some of their energy needs. The days of relying solely on a centralized power system are coming to an end. Community solar is a great option for customers who want to take some control of their energy costs and we want to thank Rep. Michele Hoitenga for introducing this important legislation.”

House Bill 4995 would allow groups of 10 or more individuals, businesses or other organizations to own shares in a solar array, receiving a bill credit in return for the value of electricity that is put on the grid. Potential subscribers to a community solar project include homeowners and renters who can’t install rooftop solar, businesses in a downtown district or industrial park, churches or organizations that assist customers with their energy needs. This bill has the potential to expand options in the energy market, giving consumers greater control over where their electricity comes from and how much they pay for it.


About MICEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MICEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for common-sense, market-based energy solutions that increase access to clean, affordable and reliable energy statewide. MICEF was established in 2013 as a platform for Michigan conservatives to promote the benefits of an “All of the Above” energy strategy that values clean energy and seeks to level the playing field among energy sources. MICEF is a founding member of a growing network of conservative state-level organizations that promote clean energy and energy waste reduction to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, protect and responsibly use our natural resources, while improving energy reliability and enhancing national and grid security. To learn more, visit