Energy Policy and the Environment

Increasing our commitment to clean, renewable energy and reducing energy waste will reduce pollution, protect our natural resources, including our Great Lakes, and give us cleaner and healthier air and water.

With our connection and ties to the Great Lakes, Michiganders are stewards of 25% of the world’s fresh water and we understand the need to protect them.  The Great Lakes provide jobs for more than 823,000 people, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, and fuel our state’s tourism industry.  

One of the biggest threats to our Great Lakes is the pollution emitted by coal-burning power plants – plants that provide more than 50% of our electricity.  By embracing a genuine All of the Above approach to energy policy, including transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources and reducing our energy waste, we can protect our Great Lakes, our air quality, and our environment from the damage caused by the emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide, and arsenic from these plants.