Conservatives: New report on renewable energy highlights industry success, opportunities for growth

LANSING – Larry Ward, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy
Forum (MCEF), issued the following statement regarding a report issued today by the
Michigan Public Service Commission.

“Today’s report by the Michigan Public Service Commission found that the state’s renewable
energy sector has attracted nearly $3 billion in private-sector investment—sparking
innovation, creating jobs and stimulating local economies. We need strong leadership to build
upon this success.”

Recent studies by The Hill Group, Inc. found tremendous opportunity to spur economic
growth and support Michigan jobs by increasing our use of energy efficiency and renewable
energy. Key findings include:

  •  Implementing a 20% renewable energy standard by 2025 could have a $6 billion impact, with 40,000 job-years supported.
  • Removing the cap on the energy optimization program could create $22 billion in economic output and support 163,000 jobs.