Michigan Experiences Substantial Clean Energy Job Growth, Emerges as Midwest Leader

Michigan leads in advanced transportation jobs, ranks third in total clean energy jobs according to a new report comparing 12 Midwest states

LANSING — A clean jobs and economic analysis of 12 states released last week demonstrates that Michigan continues to lead in clean energy and energy efficiency job growth in the region. According to the Clean Jobs Midwest report, the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors employ 92,271 Michiganders – a 5.3% jump from the 87,616 jobs the state boasted in 2015, and far greater than the 1.93% overall job growth the state experienced over the same period.

Also of note in the report is Michigan’s continued leadership in electric vehicle jobs. Thanks to the state’s strong automotive and manufacturing history, the advanced transportation industry employs 28,577 Michiganders.

Larry Ward, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MCEF), issued the following statement praising both the clean energy sector’s growth to-date and the state’s recently enacted energy policy that positions Michigan for economic success for years to come:

“MCEF applauds the state’s clean energy industry and the significant job growth that local clean energy businesses have helped secure. Our state’s transition to clean energy and energy efficiency has made us more competitive in both the national and global energy economies. With the recent enactment of Public Acts 341 and 342, which further increase Michigan’s commitment to clean energy and energy efficiency, we can carry this momentum forward and solidify our role as a clean energy leader to attract even more jobs and investment from businesses.”


About MCEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum is an organization comprised of conservatives who believe that Michigan should adopt a true “All of the Above” energy policy that includes an increase in our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  MCEF believes encouraging diverse and clean energy production and reduced energy waste will create jobs and stimulate Michigan’s economy, reduce our reliance on foreign energy, improve our national security, and protect our valuable natural resources. http://www.micef.org/