Michigan Conservative Energy Forum Statement on Consumers Energy’s Proposed Integrated Resource Plan

LANSING, Mich. – In advance of the public hearing to be held by the Michigan Public Service Commission on the topic of Consumers Energy’s proposed Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) later today, the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MCEF) released the following statement:

“Having supported the IRP requirement during the legislative process that resulted in Public Acts 341 and 342, MCEF is very pleased by many aspects of Consumers Energy’s proposal,” said Ed Rivet, executive director of MCEF. “We are glad to see that their plan includes increased use of Michigan-based renewable energy generation (particularly wind and solar), greater efforts to reduce energy waste, and a commitment to phase out coal-powered generation. These elements certainly capture the spirit of the IRP process envisioned in the 2016 laws. While we would like to see a little more focus on energy storage, and preparation for a future that includes widespread adoption of electric vehicles, we believe this proposal is an excellent start and hope that DTE will present an equally aggressive plan when it comes to home-grown renewable energy and energy efficiency gains. As the IRP process continues, MCEF would like to encourage the Commission to work with Consumers Energy and all utilities to ensure that Michigan is leveraging all of its generation assets to the benefit of ratepayers, our economy, and our precious natural resources.”

Program director Joanna Lewis will offer comments on the proposed IRP at the public hearing, which will take place at 5 pm today at Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center at 301 Fulton St. W in Grand Rapids.


About MCEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum is an organization comprised of conservatives who believe that Michigan should adopt a true “All of the Above” energy policy that includes an increase in our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency. MCEF believes encouraging diverse and clean energy production and reduced energy waste will create jobs and stimulate Michigan’s economy, reduce our reliance on foreign energy, improve our national security, and protect our valuable natural resources. http://www.micef.org/