Michigan Conservative Energy Forum applauds DTE plan to expand investment in renewable energy

LANSING – The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum issued the following statement today regarding DTE Energy’s plan to shutter all its coal plants by 2040, generating 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources:

“We applaud DTE Energy for committing to accelerate investments in clean, renewable energy,” said Larry Ward, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum. “An increasingly diversified energy portfolio will not only protect against the price volatility of fuel, but will contribute to our national and grid security and help lower electric rates for families and businesses. By building more renewable energy in Michigan, DTE is also helping to make our state more competitive. This is a welcome announcement for businesses that are looking to put down roots in Michigan and manage their energy costs long-term.”


About MCEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum is an organization comprised of conservatives who believe that Michigan should adopt a true “All of the Above” energy policy that includes an increase in our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  MCEF believes encouraging diverse and local energy production and reduced energy waste will create jobs and stimulate Michigan’s economy, reduce our reliance on foreign energy, improve our national security, and protect our valuable natural resources. http://www.micef.org/