March 8, 2019
Contact: Ed Rivet, 517-230-4661 

MICEF Welcomes VerHeulen to Leadership Council

LANSING, Mich. (March 8, 2019)— Today the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MICEF) announced the addition of Rob VerHeulen to its Leadership Council. VerHeulen recently completed his third term in the Michigan House of Representatives and previously served as the mayor of Walker for eleven years. A Grand Rapids native, VerHeulen is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School.

The MICEF Leadership Council is comprised of conservative leaders who believe Michigan needs to diversify its energy portfolio and move towards a true “All of the Above” generation mix, with an emphasis on transitioning to cleaner and more renewable forms of energy.

“We are thrilled to have Rob VerHeulen, a highly-regarded former state legislator join our Leadership Council,” said Ed Rivet, executive director of MICEF. “Rob brings first-hand knowledge of the legislative process to our organization as well as a profound dedication to serving the people of Michigan. We will undoubtedly benefit from his experience and we look forward to working with him.”

“While serving in the House I came to greatly admire the efforts of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum and I am honored to join them in their pursuit of responsible energy policy,” said VerHeulen. “As a public servant I witnessed how the cost and reliability of electricity are critical to businesses and individuals alike. MICEF is doing important work and I am glad to be a part of it.”

VerHeulen has been recognized in Lansing for the pivotal role he played in crafting a sweeping, bi-partisan overhaul of Michigan’s energy laws that passed in 2016. He remains connected to state government by serving as a district liaison for State Senator Peter MacGregor in Kent County.


About MICEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MICEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for common-sense, market-based energy solutions that increase access to clean, affordable and reliable energy statewide. MICEF was established in 2013 as a platform for Michigan conservatives to promote the benefits of an “All of the Above” energy strategy that values clean energy and seeks to level the playing field among energy sources. MICEF is a founding member of a growing network of conservative state-level organizations that promote clean energy and energy waste reduction to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, protect and responsibly use our natural resources, while improving energy reliability and enhancing national and grid security. To learn more, visit