MCEF Announces New Addition to Leadership Council

LANSING — Today the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MCEF) announced the addition of Matthew Hauser to its Leadership Council. Hauser has a strong background in grassroots mobilization and politics; he is currently serving his third term on the Michigan Republican State Committee for the 13th Congressional District and also coordinates the Grassroots USA Pizza and Politics networking meetings throughout the state. He is pursuing his Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law.

The MCEF Leadership Council is comprised of conservative leaders who believe Michigan needs to diversify its energy portfolio and move towards a true “All of the Above” generation mix, with an emphasis on transitioning to cleaner and more renewable forms of energy.

“The MCEF team strives every day to educate the public and policymakers on the benefits of Michigan’s clean energy economy,” said Larry Ward, Executive Director of MCEF. “Benefits like energy independence, lower rates, and the creation of thousands of jobs across the state are what we as an organization hope to help achieve, and we are always looking to engage with passionate individuals like Matt who share our values. With a strong background in advocacy and activism, Matt is a welcome addition to our Leadership Council. We look forward to working with him to broaden our grassroots outreach across the state.”

“The future of our energy production is not a Right vs. Left issue,” said Matthew Hauser, MCEF Leadership Council Member. “Energy is an issue that impacts us all no matter our political affiliation and it is critical we work together to find the safest, cleanest, and most efficient ways to power tomorrow. Being a good steward of the environment, while reducing energy waste, is just the right thing to do."


About MCEF: The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum is an organization comprised of conservatives who believe that Michigan should adopt a true “All of the Above” energy policy that includes an increase in our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  MCEF believes encouraging diverse and local energy production and reduced energy waste will create jobs and stimulate Michigan’s economy, reduce our reliance on foreign energy, improve our national security, and protect our valuable natural resources.