Friends of Conservative Energy Advocacy

"Friends of Conservative Energy Advocacy" are state legislators and candidates who represent a new breed of conservative leaders in the energy policy realm. They share many of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum Advocacy Fund's guiding principles, such as free markets, minimum government regulation, and encouraging innovation. These are the means for driving down energy costs, stimulating job and economic growth, and creating a diverse and robust energy industry in our great state. 

We will continue to update this list as we receive responses to our 2018 Candidate Questionnaire.

MICEF-AF “Friends of Conservative Energy Advocacy”

*   MCEF Legislative Champion Award recipient
** MCEF Founder’s Award recipient


Dist.    Candidate                             Party

8          Peter Lucido                         R
12         Michael McCready              R
15         Jim Runestad                       R
16         Mike Shirkey                        R
17         Dale Zorn                             R
21         Kim LaSata                           R
24        *Tom Barrett                       R
28        Nathan Hewer                     L
30        Mary Buzuma                      L
30        RogerVictory                      R
34        Max Riekse                           L


Dist.    Candidate                              Party

4          Howard Weathington           R
6 Linda Sawyer R
26        Al Gui                                    R
35        Theodore Alfonsetti             R
36 Douglas Wozniak R
45        Michael Webber                   R
46        John Reilly                           R
47        Hank Vaupel                         R
59        AaronMiller                           R
60        William Baker                       R
65        Jason Rees                           L
67         Leon Clark                            R
72        StevenJohnson                     R
74        **Mark Huizenga                   R
77        Tommy Brann                        R
82        Gary Howell                         R
96        Susan Kay Kowalski            R
98        Annette Glenn                     R
100       Scott VanSingel                  R
101       Jack O'Malley                        R
110       Gregory Markkanen             R