Fellowship Projects

The MICEF Fellowship Program is focused on research and education. To that end, each fellow produces a final project showcasing their chosen topic of research. Below you will find links to completed projects from our past fellows.



Each of the 2017 Fellows chose a topic to research, and then wrote an educational op-ed to share their findings. Some were published in various news outlets and some were published on our blog.  

Michigan's PACE Financing Program Helps Building Owners Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency
by Andrew Kapanowski

Electric Vehicles: Growing Michigan's Economy with Advanced Technology
by Jackson Keith


Michigan Bioenergy: Small Efforts, Large Impact
by Emily Pallarito

The U.P. Energy Crisis, Explained
by Jake Putala

See video of Putala discussing his research here and here.

MSU Solar Power: A Step Towards a Brighter Future
by Luke Siettas


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Michael Anderson chose the closure of the Presque Isle Power Plant and its effects on the Upper Peninsula for his topic of research. He wrote a series of three op-eds which were published in the Ontonagon Herald to help inform residents of the U.P. 

EC Energy Group Takes Steps to Reduce Consumer Electricity Costs
by Michael Anderson

Electricity from Coal Being Phased Out in Favor of Cheaper, Cleaner Alternatives
by Michael Anderson

Proposed Wind Farm Promises Jobs and Revenue
by Michael Anderson

Susannah Barnes wrote an academic paper on the topic of baseload capacity. The final report is available as an educational resource and will be distributed to the Michigan Legislature.

Reliable Electricity and Baseload Capacity
by Susannah Barnes

Loren King produced a mini-documentary titled Solar & Seed that explores the intersection of solar electricity generation and the agricultural industry.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel.






Zachary Serzo conducted a series of interviews on the topic of energy storage and created a podcast series. You can find it on iTunes by searching for "Perspectives on Energy Storage" or follow the links below to listen:

Episode 00: Trailer - Perspectives on Energy Storage

Episode 01: The Legacy Perspective - An Interview with Dan Scripps

Episode 02: The Technical Perspective - An Interview with Jack Johnson

Episode 03: The Business Perspective - An Interview wit Rob Rafson

Episode 04: The Policy Perspective - An Interview with Bruce Goodman

Episode 05: The Journalistic Perspective - An Interview with Julian Spector


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Karina Allen and Kate Nachazel teamed up to write an academic paper on the topic of hydroelectricity in Michigan. Their final report is available as an educational resource and will be distributed to the Michigan Legislature.

Hydroelectricity Basics for Michigan
by Karina Allen and Kate Nachazel