Class of 2018


Michael Anderson

A junior in U of M’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, Michael is studying finance and accounting. He serves on the executive board of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan and is the founding vice president of the Yooper Club. “The most rewarding part of being a conservative from the Upper Peninsula at U of M is being able to provide additional perspectives and create diversity of thought in what would otherwise be a leftist echo-chamber,” says Michael.

As a MICEF fellow, Michael is researching how the retirement of the Presque Isle Power Plant (PIPP) will affect the citizens of the U.P. After speaking with members of his community, Michael recalls that, “many Upper Peninsula Power Company customers worry about the PIPP closure and what it will mean for their electricity bill at the end of the month. Energy has been and continues to be a hot topic in our community and I believe it is important to make the public aware of the changes scheduled to take place over the coming months and how the U.P. can benefit from them.”

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Susannah Barnes

Susannah is a sophomore at Grove City College, majoring in economics and minoring in communications. She is an active member of the debate team at GCC. Her fellowship research is focused on the regulations that impact baseload capacity.

“An ‘All of the Above’ approach to energy policy ensures reliable and affordable energy for all,” says Susannah. “Unfortunately, certain regulations make it difficult to have a diverse energy grid. It’s important that Michigan’s energy industry works for the people to provide Michigan residents with dependable electricity. I’m excited to be working with MICEF to educate Michigan ratepayers about the benefits of a manifold energy system.”


Loren King

Loren is a junior at MSU studying for a dual major in non-formal agricultural education and environmental systems & sustainability. He is also pursuing minors in sustainable agriculture & food systems and environmental economics. He is currently the public relations chair of the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource Education Club, and a member of the MSU College Republicans. His fellowship research is focused on the application of renewable energy in agricultural settings and will culminate in a mini-documentary.

“I have been blessed with opportunities to see renewable energy projects both in Michigan and around the world. The impact that these types of programs have on the local economy and environment is an important factor that should be recognized as vital to the future of our economy,” says Loren. “Utilizing all available options for energy production can ensure the safety and function of our power grid while also serving as an economic booster. I can’t wait to help share how impactful implementing this technology can be.”  

Zach Serzo

Zach is a senior at Albion College, majoring in political science and minoring in history. He is a member of the Albion College Division III football team, as well as a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He is exploring the different uses and applications of battery storage by hosting and producing a podcast series that features guests who have different and varying expertise on the subject.

“Renewable energy such as wind and solar has proven to be an economic force that has helped to create new jobs and business opportunities in Michigan and around the country,” says Zach. “Another important aspect of the renewable energy conversation is how well we can develop battery storage technology in a way that will help strengthen our power grid and provide affordable and reliable energy for Michiganders. I am excited to be a part of this program and I look forward to working with MICEF to further explore how we can use battery storage technologies in the commercial, public, and private sectors.”




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